Custom Taylor Swift Ornaments: Preserve Your Swiftie Moments

Custom Taylor Swift Ornaments

Make your holiday shine brighter this year with Custom Taylor Swift Ornaments capturing your most magical Swiftie memories! Whether you relive favorite moments from her Eras Tour or preserve precious concert photos, these personalized Taylor decorations add festive flair to any tree. In this guide, we’ll explore 13 ornaments that can be customized to keep memories with Taylor for years.

Taylor’s music and incredible style have shaped our lives, so it’s natural her fans want to immortalize their fandom. Now you can trim your tree with custom Taylor Swift ornaments showcasing Taylor’s albums, lyrics, and your concert experiences. Choose Taylor Swift ornaments with iconic imagery from her new concert movie. Or frame your photos with Taylor from unforgettable nights seeing her live.

Eras Tour Movie Ticket Custom Photo Taylor Swift Ornament Gift for Fans

The options for custom Taylor treasures are endless! Pick ornaments accenting your favorite photos with her signature album cover or tour image. Swifties can request custom designs with tour details like cities and dates. However you showcase your Swifty pride, these hand-crafted Taylor ornaments ensure your tree shimmers with Swiftie style.

Later we’ll recommend the 13 best of the best custom Taylor Swift ornaments with photo for turning your memories into holiday magic.

Here are 13 Sensational Custom Taylor Swift Ornament Concepts

  1. Personalized The Eras Tour Taylor Swift Ornament
  2. Personalized Music Ticket Taylor Swift Ornament
  3. Eras Tour Movie Ticket Custom Photo Taylor Swift Ornament
  4. Eras Tour Ticket Personalized Photo Taylor Swift Ornament
  5. Personalized Eras Tour Ornament Taylor Swift Christmas Ornaments
  6. Two-Sides Personalized Eras Tour Taylor Swift Ornament
  7. Personalized Eras Tour Photo Taylor Swift Christmas Ornament
  8. Custom Picture Taylor Swift Christmas Ornament
  9. Custom Eras Tour Taylor Swift Ornament
  10. and 3 more.

Let your Swifty style shine by ornamenting your tree with custom Taylor treasures only you could dream up! Now let’s explore how to preserve your favorite Taylor mementos in festive ornament form…

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Keep your favorite Taylor Swift memories with this personalized Taylor Swift ornament! This custom Christmas decoration features your special Taylor moment printed in vivid color on a ceramic ornament.

Whether it’s a pic from the Eras Tour, rocking out at Lover Fest, or a snapshot with Taylor herself, these custom Taylor Swift ornaments immortalize your Swiftie experiences. Perfect as a Christmas Gift or Music Lover Gift to any Taylor Swift’s fans in your life.

BUY NOW | $15.99

Make your Christmas merry and bright with this custom Taylor Swift ornament featuring your favorite photo and Taylor’s image. Crafted from aluminium perfect for preserving special Swiftie memories. Includes 4 hanger strings ready for hanging on your Christmas tree. The ideal custom Taylor Swift ornaments for mega-fans!

BUY NOW | $21.99

Surprise your favorite Swifty with a custom Taylor Swift concert ornament capturing their most unforgettable tour moments! Upload your cherished photos with Taylor then watch them shine on this aluminium ornament. Add printed tour details like dates and cities for a personal touch. A dazzling custom Taylor Swift ornament to relive tour magic!

BUY NOW | $22.99

Make memorable merch out of your favorite Taylor Swift era with this custom ornament celebrating her career. Select an iconic Taylor look then choose your best photo to upload. Printed on aluminium, it’s a perfect personalized Taylor Swift ornament for devoted fans. Includes 4 hanger strings for gift giving and display.

BUY NOW | $15.99

Get in the Christmas spirit with this custom Taylor Swift holiday ornament! Features Swifty images and Taylor’s picture on the other side. Printed on durable ceramic that’s safe for holiday trees. Includes 4 hanger strings for easy hanging. An affordable personalized Taylor Swift Christmas tree decoration fans will adore!

BUY NOW | $15.99

Preserve precious Taylor Swift memories forever with this Custom Photo Ornament. Add your own Swifty images printed on high-gloss ceramic. Ideal for concert photos, merch displays, signed albums and more! Crafted with details, this personalized Taylor Swift keepsake ornament is made to treasure.

BUY NOW | $15.99

Surprise your favorite Taylor Swift bestie with a custom Tay BFF ornament! Print your pics that has your friend’s image on this circle ceramic ornament in a bold font. Approximately 3.5″ in size, it hangs perfectly on holiday trees. An adorable Christmas gift that celebrate friendship with Swiftie-style!

BUY NOW | $15.99

Relive Taylor Swift’s magical eras tour with these custom Taylor Swift ornaments! Choose your favorite Taylor photo then watch it shine in ornament form. 4 hanger strings included for hanging. Custom Eras Tour Ornament is a fun way for Swifties to recall Taylor’s iconic pop breakthrough!

BUY NOW | $15.99

Spread some Swifty holiday cheer with this custom Taylor Swift singing ornament! Features Taylor image on the Eras tour concert. Adding your date and location or favorite photo for personal touch. A festive custom Taylor Swift Christmas ornament like no other!

BUY NOW | $15.99

Surprise the Taylor Swift lover in your life with a custom TS ornament featuring their photo! Choose your best of the best photo then add a date or location for personal touch. Printed on high-quality white ceramic with 4 hanger strings for hanging. A silly gift idea for Swifties with a sense of humor!

BUY NOW | $15.99

Cherish special memories with this custom Eras Tour photo ornament featuring your favorite Taylor Swift image. Select your cherished images and add date & location for printing on ceramic. Includes 4 hanger strings. A sentimental way to adorn your tree with Swift’s words.

BUY NOW | $15.99

Add some Taylor Swift sparkle to your Christmas tree with these custom Taylor Swift ornaments! Print your favorite photo with Taylor on this glossy white ceramic ornament. Taylor Swift Ornament for fans accented with Taylor’s image at Eras tour with 4 hanger strings. A glamorous decoration and holiday keepsake for devotees.

BUY NOW | $15.99

Capture Your Swiftie Journey with Custom Taylor Swift Ornaments

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Taylor Swift Ornaments

What exactly are custom ornaments featuring Taylor’s Eras Tour imagery?
These unique keepsakes depict Taylor herself along with graphics and moments from her 2022 Eras stadium tour. Fans can relive their favorite memories while showing off their Taylor pride.

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Custom Picture Taylor Swift Christmas Ornament Gift for Swiftites

What makes a custom Taylor Swift ornaments such a special item?
A custom Eras ornament offers a personalized memento of seeing Taylor’s long-awaited return show. As a one-of-a-kind commemorative piece, it becomes a treasured collectible that reminds you of cherished Swiftie moments.

Where can I shop for custom Taylor Swift ornaments showcasing Taylor’s 2022 tour?
Many sellers offer specialty Taylor Eras ornaments made just for you. And Nature Love Gift store sells many creative Taylor edition keepsakes from her tour.

What’s the typical price range for custom Taylor Swift ornaments?
Costs vary by seller but high-quality Eras custom Taylor Swift ornaments range from about $15 to $40. More intricate designs with upgraded materials may cost more.

How should I care for my custom Taylor Swift ornaments to preserve it?
Follow included care tips, avoid moisture, prevent breakage, and store securely during offseasons. With proper care, your custom Taylor Swift ornaments will shine for years.


After exploring 13 sensational custom Taylor Swift ornaments, every Swifty now has amazing ideas to trim their tree with touches of Taylor magic! From commemorating favorite lyrics to immortalizing precious tour memories, these personalized Taylor Swift ornaments will make your holiday a delightful celebration of all things Taylor.

Hopefully our Swiftie ornament blog provided the inspiration you need to start choosing photos for your own Taylor masterpieces. Reflect on those special concert moments that shaped your life and fandom. The options for one-of-a-kind Taylor ornaments are endless!

When displaying your custom Taylor Swift ornaments, consider dedicating a tree topper or garland to showcase them together. Or mix your creations throughout the tree to highlight different eras and songs. Let your custom Taylor Swift ornaments become conversation pieces to relive favorite nights with fellow Swifty friends. However you incorporate them, your Taylor decor will add sentimental style to the holidays.

family Christmas ornament

Remember, the beauty of custom Taylor Swift ornaments is their ability to highlighting your fandom while also preserve your special memory. So embrace the chance to creatively ornament your passions! We’d love to see your personalized photos with your pop princess. Share how you keep Taylor’s music and message in your heart, 365 days a year.

Wishing all Swifties a holiday season filled with joyful memories. May your new custom Taylor Swift ornaments become keepsakes you cherish unwrapping for holidays to come. Thank you for joining us on this ornamental Taylor adventure. Go create touches of Taylor magic that will shine bright on your tree and in your heart!

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