Custom T Shirts With Photo: 10 Hilarious Tees For Couples & Friends

Custom Shirt With Photos 10 Hilarious Tees For Couples Friends

Surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with her face printed on this hilarious Custom T Shirts With Photo! Bootleg T-shirts were once an iconic part of hip hop fashion, famously depicting artists and cultural figures with distressed effects. Now, capture that old-school art form in modern ways by customizing bootleg tees featuring your lover’s face!

We offer specialized design services allowing you to transform classic bootleg shirts using photos of your beloved girlfriend. Simply send to us her best images then watch her strike a pose on an one-of-a-kind graphic tee made just for you.

Submit any digital photos you already have, no photoshoots needed. We’ll guide you in selecting the ideal portraits, candids, or snaps that make her beauty shine. Feel free to provide direction too – want her rocking your merch? Include fun date night pics? However you envision her bootleg glory, our team handles the details.

Our graphic design wizards then add professional finishing touches. We apply specialized filters like image fading, light leaks, film grain, and distressing for authentic throwback flair. Bold texts featuring any name or word you choose ties it all together. Within days, you’ll receive an exclusive retro tee celebrating your queen like old-school greats!

In addition to girlfriend bootleg tees, our custom services create similar vintage custom t shirts with photo depicting close girl friends. Simply provide photos of your best girl crew then watch them strike fierce poses in one-of-a kind pieces! Surprise the squad with these thoughtful Couple Gifts made exceptionally personal.

Custom Bootleg Rap Tee With Photo

Here are 10 Custom T Shirts with Photo To Surprise Your Lover

  1. Personalized Girlfriend T Shirt Bootleg Rap Tee
  2. Funny Girlfriend Shirt With Face Personalized Tee
  3. Personalized Rap Shirt Girlfriends Face Graphic Tee
  4. Custom Your Own Shirt With Girlfriend Face Rap Tee
  5. Custom Shirt With Pictures Girlfriend Face Bootleg Tee
  6. Custom Rap Tee With Girlfriend Face Bootleg Shirt
  7. Custom Rap Tee With Girlfriends Face
  8. Custom T Shirts With Photo Girlfriends Face
  9. Custom Photo Shirt for Boyfriend from Girlfriends
  10. Custom Bootleg Shirt With Girlfriend Face Rap Tee



Surprise your leading lady with a Custom Rap Tee transforming her beauty into a retro hip-hop queen! Submit her cute photos, then our designers edit custom shirt with photos, specialized fading, cracks and distressing for an authentic vintage style allowing her radiance to shine through. Bold text printed above her pic adds signature flair. An exclusive couple gift to celebrate your ride-or-die in rare fashion!

BUY NOW | $23.99

Create a wearable work of art celebrating your bond with this tailored Funny Bootleg Tee! Starts by uploading a meaningful picture of your beloved, then we utilize professional techniques like image fading and light leaks to craft one-of-a-kind retro style. Prominently display a special name over her photo in big fonts. A thoughtful way to showcase your relationship in iconic fashion!

BUY NOW | $23.99

Gift your girlfriend an ultra personalized throwback shirt commemorating precious memories! Submit any nostalgic photo encapsulating your love, then watch our design wizards transform it into a 1-of-1 Personalized Bootleg Shirt with realistic worn graphics and custom details. Includes bold text with date or place details. A sentimental gift and streetwear-ready flex celebrating your story!

BUY NOW | $23.99

Immortalize fun date nights, inside jokes and laughter with your girl through this custom vintage graphic tee! Starts by uploading cute candids or selfies of your queen, then we utilize mock aging filters to create quality old-school flair. Place meaningful text over her photo then wear this tailored memento anywhere you roam. Surprise your player two with exclusive swag!

BUY NOW | $23.99

Make your leading lady beam with delight by custom creating a retro-style Custom Shirt With Pictures showcasing her majesty! Submit favorite photos that capture her essence, then watch our design experts edit it using specialized hip hop inspiring techniques. Complete the royal treatment by prominently featuring any name for her bootleg coronation. An amazing gift to treat her like hip hop royalty!

BUY NOW | $23.99

Gift an exclusive piece of wearable hip hop art history celebrating your ride-or-die! Starts with uploading gorgeous photos of your girl, then we meticulously design vintage styling allowing her beauty to shine through. Mock crack graphics and bold name text over her pic add signature finishing touches. An iconic T-Shirt With Girlfriend Face to showcase your relationship through iconic streetwear.

BUY NOW | $23.99

Treat your queen to a custom tee transforming precious memories into a modernized Bootleg Rap Tee! Submit any nostalgic photo encapsulating your lover, then our team crafts throwback visuals using innovative aging techniques and realistic distressed textures. Her name prominently displayed over her pic completes the heirloom gift. A wearable token reminding you both just how real your love stands – even as decades fade!

BUY NOW | $23.99

Create legendary couple style completely your own with this tailored Vintage Shirts With Photo commemorating your leading lady! Starts by uploading a cute picture of your bombshell bae. Then we utilize professional editing to transform her photo into an iconic retro design allowing her radiance to shine through. Complete with her bold name or short text adding personalized flair. An amazing surprise gift for your sweetheart!

BUY NOW | $23.99

Make your girl beam with pride by custom creating a one-of-a-kind Throwback Bootleg Shirt celebrating her flawless beauty! Add any gorgeous photo then watch her strike a pose on the vintage custom shirt with photos. Place any preferred name over her pic in striking fonts putting the finishing touches on this impressive memento. An awesome way to showcase wifey through exclusive streetwear swag!

BUY NOW | $23.99

Relive your most cherished memories and create a lasting memento of your love with this Personalized Photo T-shirt. Upload any picture that captures a special moment shared with your girlfriend and transform it into a wearable piece of nostalgia. Watch her eyes sparkle with joy as she reminisces about the laughter, love, and unforgettable experiences you’ve shared. Make her heart melt with this custom shirt with photos that doubles as a thoughtful couples gesture and a cherished keepsake of your shared journey.

BUY NOW | $23.99

Unleash Your Rap Star Style Through Custom T Shirt With Photo

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom T Shirts With Photo

What types of photos can I use for my custom shirt?

You can use any type of photo for your custom shirt, as long as it is high-resolution and in a format that can be easily uploaded to our website. This includes photos of people (family member, lover, friend,…) or pets (cat, dog,..). Each photo has one main character.

How large can my photo be?

The maximum file size for a photo upload is 25MB. However, we recommend that you use photos that are no larger than 10MB to ensure the best quality printing results.

What is the best quality photo to use for my custom t shirts with photo?

The best quality photo to use for your custom shirt is a high-resolution JPEG or PNG file. These file formats will preserve the quality of your photo and ensure that it prints clearly on your shirt.

Can I add text to my custom t shirts with photo?

Yes, you can add text to your custom t shirts with photo. With the font and color of design you can add the name or short text above the photos.

Custom Your Own Bootleg Tee With Girlfriends Face (1)

How long will it take to get my custom t shirts with photo?

Our standard production time for custom t shirts with photo is 5-7 business days. Here are some additional tips for creating a great custom t shirts with photo:

– Use a high resolution picture that is well-lit and in focus.
– Choose a photo that has a lot of contrast and detail.
– Make sure the photo is cropped to your liking.
– Use a photo that is at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI) for the best results.

Custom Dog Portrait Rap Tee Gift For Dogs Mom Dogs Dad 8


After reviewing our specialized design services crafting one-of-a-kind custom shirt with photos, you’re ready to give your girlfriend the ultimate bootleg makeover! Easily submit her gorgeous portraits then our team handles editing her beauty onto an exclusive vintage graphic tee.

Hopefully this blog provided insight into creating sentimental custom shirt with photos made exceptionally personal to you as a couple. We transform her candid snapshots then meticulously distress, fade and enhance every detail for an authentic ‘90s look still allowing her radiance to shine through.

The result? A retro hip hop classic celebrating your ride-or-die like Tupac and Biggie tee legends of the past. Gift it on anniversaries, date nights or even as matching his and her sets. However you and your girl rock her modernized bootleg glory, all eyes will admire your rare throwback swag worth bragging about.

For more Couple Tee and Trending Shirt, explore our Nature Love Gift shop on crafting hip hop style shirts for you and your guy best friends too! Submit fun shot of each bro then watch the whole squad strike hilarious poses in one-of-a-kind bootleg custom shirt with photos.

Thanks for letting our design wizards work their magic on such precious photos of your leading lady. We can’t wait to showcase her beauty in this exclusive piece of wearable hip hop art history. Now who said romance was dead? Here’s to celebrating love with era-blending thoughtful gestures!

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